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About the Business Resource Pavilion

The Business Resource Pavilion is the largest and most comprehensive business information arena at the New York Business Expo and Conference. It brings together experts from leading city, state and federal agencies to provide useful business information and resources from around New York.

Companies will have access to a range of programs and services on important business topics including government procurement opportunities, financing, insurance, taxation, licensing requirements, trade, business planning, etc.

AmTrust Insurance

2016 Business Resource Pavilion Participants

The Pavilion features experienced business coaches in a one-on-one mentoring environment. Enjoy individual meetings and uncover actionable information to grow your business.

(Access to Capital/Credit, Business Coaching, Business Plans, Free Workshops (including the Brooklyn-based PowerUP! business plan competition) access to searchable databases of industry trends and competition, and offers referrals to other NYC organizations )

(Access to Capital/Credit, Government Incentives, Micro-lending)

(Access to Capital/Credit, Business Coaching, Business Plans, Micro-lending, MWBE Certification)

(Access to Capital/Credit, Bonding, Business Plans, EAP Training, Going Global, Government Incentives, Grants & Tax Breaks, Micro-lending, MWBE Certification, Procurement & Mentor Programs)

(Health Insurance)

(Business Plans, Business Coaching, Lead Lists/Mailing Lists, Industry & Market Research Reports & Resources)

 (Access to Capital/Credit, Bonding, Business Plans, Government Incentives, Hiring/HR, Legal Training, Micro-lending, MWBE Certification & Technology Assistance)

(Emergency Preparedness/Business Continuity)

(Business Coaching, Procurement, Technical assistance, training and consulting services to manufacturing and technology companies)

(Business Coaching, Insurance, Legal Training, Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements)

(Access to Capital/Credit, Business Coaching, Business Plans, EAP Training, Micro-Lending, MWBE Certification)

(Access to Capital/Credit, Business Coaching)

(Access to Capital/Credit, Business Coaching, Government Incentives, Micro-Lending, MWBE Certification, Procurement)

(Business Coaching, Business Plans & 16-Week Workshop for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners)