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What People Are Saying

“I’ve exhibited in all 10 shows and hands down this is the Best Show Yet”
Jim Smith, Cash Recovery Specialists
“I learned and gathered some great information and superior contacts for my company. An absolute fantastic Expo!”
Kaitlynn James, Show Attendee
“The New York business expo is one of the best events in the world if you’re serious about building an even more successful business. The incredible contacts, workshops and potential new opportunities are priceless! It is a must attend. “
Bill Walsh, Powerteam International
“LOVED IT.  The show was great!  I LOVED our location and want it again next year for sure!”
Lori Murdock, Olive & Cocoa
“I met great vendors and heard brilliant speakers…great show!”
Judy Trudeau, Show Attendee
“The amount of people that walk through the event is priceless. The workshops that get held are beyond educational. I thank you NY EXPO for helping my business grow from your events!”
Michael Aharoni, Exhibitor

Attendee Profile*

Presidents, Owners & CEO’s 61%
Senior Management 20%
1 - 5 Years in Business 30%
Over 5 Years in Business 53%
Annual Revenue of $500,000 - 1M 27%
Annual Revenue of 1 - 5M 21%
1 - 5 Employees 50%
6 - 50 Employees 33%

Volunteered Information From Our Attendees*

Looking for operating capital 76%
Would like a new or better website 29%
Would like more local customers to find their business online 53%
Would like to learn how to use social media to get new customers 50%

*Data collected during pre-registration for the 2014 New York Business Expo & Conference