By Nicole Kroese

Let me guess: You’re frustrated with Facebook. You work really hard to acquire new fans, but don’t see that translate into anything other than a vanity metric. We wrote this newsletter to help with just that!
Your Facebook “fans” should and can be your actual fans — actual fans that drive word of mouth recommendations to you. Actual fans that like to hear your business updates and share them with their friends. Actual fans that provide repeat business
and refer new business. Here are 4 Facebook strategy fixes to help turn your virtual fans into your actual fans:
1. Stop obsessing over # of likes, and think about the quality of your likes. 
If you are laser-focused on how fast that like count goes up, you’ll never see the bigger picture. Have you thought about # of engagements per week? How many unique fans saw and liked your updates? The percentage of total fans that interact with your page will be one of the most telling metrics regarding the quality of your likes.
2. Get quality likes by providing valuable content.
Stop selling your products and pushing your events, and instead focus on having more conversations. Put yourself in your customers’ (and potential customers’ shoes). “If I saw this post would I like it? Would I share it or tag a friend in it so they can see too?”

3. Actually give your fans the chance to engage (by boosting)!

As you may have heard, a Facebook post that’s not boosted won’t get more than 1-2% of organic reach. Eek! Boosting your posts, even by the minimum dollar amount, allows your fans to actually see your updates and have a chance to show you how much they love your content. Without the boost, your reach will be so low even your most loyal fans might not see it!

4. Create an organized incentive program. 
79% of U.S. consumers who’ve “liked” a brand on Facebook did so in order to receive discounts or other incentives. (Market Force). Giveaways and referral incentive programs are a great way to provide value around becoming a Facebook fan. When your “real life fans” know that there are real perks to becoming your Facebook fan, they will do so and likely recruit others to do so as well.

In conclusion, 85% of fans of brands on Facebook recommend brands to others. Are 85% of your fans recommending you?  Use these tips to start regaining your the value of your fan base today. 

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