Over 75% of entrepreneurs claim that issues related to closing are major stumbling blocks when it comes to getting new clients.

Whether it’s getting the appointment without sound pushy, unearthing your prospect’s core issues without feeling like you’re prying, or gracefully closing the business without sounding desperate — “sealing the deal” without feeling awkward is easier said than done for most entrepreneurs.

Join us for this interactive sales training session where you’ll:

  • Identify 5 hidden reasons that interfere with your willingness and ability to sell — these culprits are what stop you from getting new clients
  • Discover a surefire fix for turning around the #1 sales conversation glitch that strips the joy out of selling and pushes your potential clients away
  • Learn 5 simple steps for engaging and earning your prospects’ business —without squirming in your chair or putting pressure on your prospect
  • And see how to elevate your confidence, double your conversions and take the pressure off of any stress you have around sales

This session is ideal for the entrepreneur who loves what she does, but plain old struggles with closing.

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Speaker Info

Carolyn Herfurth, Business Development Strategist

After leaving her last cushy corporate America sales position, Carolyn Herfurth spent 7 years playing a hand in the launch of 100 businesses, and observed that the majority of entrepreneurs aren’t all that wild…..


Seminar Info
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Room #1 – Sales Strategies
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