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Moderator Info

Lynn Fernandez, VEDC Vice President of Lending

Lynn Fernandez is the Vice President of Lending for VEDC where she brings over 20 years of banking experience.  In this role, Lynn oversees and manages all Lending operations for VEDC…..

Panelist Info

Nancy Carin, Executive Director, Business Outreach Center

Nancy Carin, Executive Director, Business Outreach Center Network and affiliated entities, has 20 years of experience in small business program development, implementation…..

Steve Cohen, EVP & Deputy Commissioner, Small Business Services & Community Economic Development, Empire State Development

Steve Cohen is Executive Vice President and Deputy Commissioner at Empire State Development (ESD), where he heads the Department of Small Business Services and Community Economic Development…..

Jessie Lee, VEDC Director of Lending-East

Jessie C. Lee is currently working at VEDC as the Director of Small Business Lending East. She overseas VEDC’s lending operations on the East Coast and cultivates partnerships with banks…..

Madeline Marquez, Vice President, Business Initiative Corporation of New York

During her career in banking and lending, Madeline Marquez has been a skilled and aggressive advocate for business, helping entrepreneurs and fledgling companies, as…..

Paul Quintero, CEO, Accion East

Paul joined Accion East in 2007, bringing 15 years of investment banking, public accounting and community development investment experience. He joined Accion to champion the growth…..

Seminar Info

Time:  1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Location:  Room #2 – Startup & Entrepreneurship Track

Room SponsorVEDC’s Tri-State Business Opportunity Loan Fund