By: Michelle Hummel

Although most nonprofits have to ask for money in order to survive, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. Fortunately, social media can make it less daunting. If you’re wondering if social media can actually help, look no further than a 2012 study. It found that 22% of people around the globe would buy from a brand simply because one of their friends followed or liked it on a social network.

Since people are definitely willing to take action based on what their friends do online, here are some great ideas for how nonprofits can get the ball rolling:

What are the Best Ways for Nonprofits to Drive Donations Through Social Media?

Have Conversations Through Twitter Live Feeds 

Twitter is a great tool for making people feel connected to exactly what your organization is doing. For example, if you’re working on a project, you can make people feel involved even if they’re actually thousands of miles away from where the work is being done. You can also start conversations on Twitter by letting individual users know exactly what type of difference their donation made.

Tell a Story by Using Facebook 

Or more specifically, let others tell their own story. By using your page to feature stories by people who have been positively impacted by your organization, you’ll not only have a chance to connect with them, but you’ll also have a great opportunity to let others see exactly how your nonprofit is striving to make the world a better place.

Pinterest Isn’t Just for Purchases 

When people think of Pinterest, they often assume it’s only effective for sharing items like pieces of clothing. However, it’s actually the ideal medium for any type of visual inspiration. Whether it’s sharing quotes or showing pictures of other volunteers in action, powerful images of any type can really motivate people. And if your organization does sell items in order to raise money, Pinterest is definitely a great showcase.

Use YouTube to Let People Shine 

There are plenty of people who like talking into a webcam. And if those people have an opportunity to record something that’s going to be shared by a charitable organization, they’re going to want to share it. That’s why a great strategy is to ask people to submit relevant videos to your YouTube channel and then use your other promotional channels to help showcase them.

Google+ Webinars are Great for Educating 

People probably have plenty of questions about your organization and exactly what it does. Since it’s always reassuring to get answers from a real person, one way to provide that type of experience is by holding Google+ webinars. This will give anyone who’s interested an easy way to ask questions and then receive answers through a medium that feels much more personalized than just written text.

Don’t feel like you have to try all of these tactics at once. In fact, it will probably be most effective to only try one. Then based on how well it works, you can continue to build and refine a social media strategy for your nonprofit.