24 10, 2014

eBook: “Facebook is Pay to Play”

By Likeable Local


The social landscape, particularly Facebook, is constantly changing the platforms and algorithms for businesses. It’s more important than ever to be educated on the changes and adjust your social strategy!

This free eBook will cover 25+ actionable tips including:

How to make Facebook more relevant than ever for your business
How to use Facebook’s ad platform.
What kind of content is best to promote.
Using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram […]

16 10, 2014

How to “Sell Without Selling” on Social

By: Gaby Piazza

When trying to sell on social media, there are small businesses that post content about themselves with absolutely no rise from their audience. Then, there are those who understand how to sell their products without actually selling anything. Here are some tips to help your content strategy for sales:

Please stop talking about yourself. It’’s quite annoying.

Lets face it: We all […]

10 10, 2014

4 Ways to Make Your Fans 85% More Valuable

By Nicole Kroese
Let me guess: You’re frustrated with Facebook. You work really hard to acquire new fans, but don’t see that translate into anything other than a vanity metric. We wrote this newsletter to help with just that!
Your Facebook “fans” should and can be your actual fans — actual fans that drive word of mouth recommendations to you. Actual fans that […]

23 06, 2014

What are the Best Ways for Nonprofits to Drive Donations Through Social Media?

By: Michelle Hummel

Although most nonprofits have to ask for money in order to survive, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. Fortunately, social media can make it less daunting. If you’re wondering if social media can actually help, look no further than a 2012 study. It found that 22% of people around the globe would buy from a brand simply because […]

29 07, 2013

10 Ways to Build Your Brand Reputation Online

By: Deborah Shane, Author, Media Host, Speaker, Business/Career Brand Specialist

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”(Warren Buffet)

Great quote from a very wise and successful man, who has seen this play out in many different ways over many years!

The questions I get asked most frequently, when working […]

21 06, 2013

How to Use Twitter Without Losing Your Mind

By: Melinda Emerson, “SmallBizLady”, President, MFE Consulting, LLCd

Depending on which group I am speaking to, I can’t always say that too loudly. There are some crowds that get it. There are other rooms, many of them filled with small business owners and solopreneurs who don’t get it – yet.

LinkedIn makes sense. Facebook is starting to make more sense. Twitter still […]