The idea that the office is where a small business owner must live is becoming less universal, and less important. These days, thanks to multi-various cloud solutions, many knowledge workers can be productive anywhere in the world.  Thanks in part to smarter, more numerous mobile devices, faster network access, and a growing number of online collaboration tools.

No matter where your office may be, the technology is already here that can allow you and your employees to work seamlessly in your office or poised to increase productivity dramatically anywhere in the world.  The value of these solutions is that they are cost effective and easily scalable, which means that they are easy for anyone to adopt.  Whether you are a startup business or an established enterprise, virtual solutions can be adopted today that will improve your bottom line and grow your business by making you MORE PRODUCTIVE!

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Carl Mazzanti Headshot

Carl Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies

Carl is the founder and CEO of eMazzanti Technologies; Microsoft’s 2012 Partner of the Year and one of the premier IT consulting services for businesses ranging from home office and retail clients to…..


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1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Room #2 – Business Growth & Development
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