HARLEM IS HOT!  HARLEM,  America’s best known community nationally and internationally is experiencing its second renaissance.  Long known to a discerning few for being a unique community where trends are set in music, fashion, food and the arts, it has now become one of the most extremely desirable places to do business and to live. Without question, the world is beating a path to HARLEM’S door. 

Business, residential and development opportunities abound and cultural tourism is expanding in ways never seen before.  New name brand retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, galleries, residential properties are here and more are coming every day.

Attend this seminar and you will learn from some of the most renowned experts on Harlem in the fields of business, development and arts & culture and how you and your business can best take advantage of what’s happening Uptown.  

Moderator Info

Patricia Ricketts, Vice President, The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce

Patricia, who serves as the Vice President for Programs of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, is highly regarded for her broad range of leadership, management and business development skills…..

Speaker Info

Voza Rivers, Chairman, Harlem Arts Alliance

VOZA RIVERS  is a leading theater, music, live entertainment, documentary films and events producer who has produced over 1,000 events under his New Heritage/HARLEM WEEK banner……

Lloyd Williams, President, The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce

Williams has taught various courses on Urban Development, Economics, Tourism, Small Business and Black History, at Cooper Union, Hunter College, The City College of New…..

Seminar Info

Time:  3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Location:  Room #2 – Startup & Entrepreneurship Track

Room SponsorVEDC’s Tri-State Business Opportunity Loan Fund