At the heart of small business marketing are the campaigns that drive action – collections of marketing activities that help a small business or organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Newsletters and Announcements have become a core component of those campaign choices. Email is more important than ever – to the communication efforts of businesses and nonprofits everywhere; and to the customer, donor, client or supporter of those organizations. This session will reveal some simple but effective best practices and considerations for the small business or nonprofit seeking to make their email newsletters more effective.

Attendees of this presentation will learn:

  • The different types of newsletters
  • What to write about in your newsletter or announcement and how to consider using images
  • Subject line best practices, and when to send your newsletter
  • The importance of understanding how connected email and social media are…they have to be done together.
  • What types of additional tools might be useful

Join us and learn some great new strategies to help your email and social media efforts be more effective components of one of the core campaign types, newsletters and announcements.

Speaker Info

Naini Nakagawa, Founder, matchmyspirit.com

Naini Nakagawa is founder of a spiritual dating/holistic networking website matchmyspirit.com a business and relationship coach, motivational speaker and stress management expert. Known for her…..

Seminar Info

Time:  11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Location:  Room #10 – Constant Contact’s Digital Marketing Conference

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