Have several devices that you use every day?  Do you want to use Office across your devices—PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone?  When away from your devices, see how to sign into Office using a browser and quickly stream an Office application to a PC for full-experience viewing and editing.  You’ll be able to sign into Office to access the latest version of your documents and personal settings and sync files to your devices using SkyDrive Pro for offline access and automatic re-syncing and backup.  Come to this session to learn how to run your Small Business Anywhere on any Device at Any Time using the Cloud!

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Brian Desrosier, President, Lighthouse Technology Partners

Brian Desrosier, President of Lighthouse Technology Partners since 1985, provides strategic advisory services for C-level executives and IT Managers. He helps clients improve business operations and…..


Dave Gerstenmaier, CIO, Lighthouse Technology Partners

Dave Gerstenmaier, CIO of Lighthouse Technology Partners, analyzed customer needs and designed on-premise network infrastructure solutions for 25 years. Since 2009 he has gone on to become an expert in…..


Joe Holko, Senior Networking Engineer, Lighthouse Technology Partners

Joe Holko has been a Senior Networking Engineer with Lighthouse Technology Partners for over 10 years. A Computer Engineering graduate from Stevens Institute of Technology and Microsoft Certified….


Todd Sweetser, Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist

Todd Sweetser is a Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist that helps to enable Microsoft SMB partners on Microsoft Cloud solutions focused on Office 365.  He has worked with “cloud” solutions for 20 years…..

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1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Room #8 – Get2Modern: Technology & Innovation
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