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2016 Keynote Info

 Keynote 1 – Bill Walsh, America’s Small Business Expert

10:15 am – 11:15 am

Success By Design – 7 Keys to Build a 7 Figure Business

  • Bill Walsh
    America’s Small Business Expert

Bill Walsh, America’s Small Business Expert

At this breakthrough session Venture Capitalist/Business Coach Bill Walsh will share insightful concepts on how entrepreneurs & small business owners can use innovative ideas and systems to become an industry top producer and create massive success.

**This keynote will take place in the Sales Growth Room

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 Keynote 2 – Luke Edson, YP

11:30 am – 12:15 pm

The Why Before the Buy: How to Influence Today’s Savvy Consumer

  • Luke Edson

Luke Edson, SVP National Markets, YP

As technology continues to barrel down the path of smarter-faster-better, today’s consumers have a dizzying variety of options to use when it comes to finding local products and services. So, what makes them choose one business over another and how can you increase the chances that they will choose yours? One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners today is establishing and managing a digital presence that will reach consumers with the right information to help them find what they are looking for, when they need it most. This session will share new research on “the why behind the buy” that will help you better understand the consumer journey, from looking at what matters most to consumers when shopping for a product or service, to what influences them to choose one business over others.

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Keynote 3 – Greg Reid, Bestselling Author

1:45 pm – 2:30 pm

Three Feet From Gold: Success is Closer Than it Appears

Greg Reid, Bestselling Author, Acclaimed Speaker, Filmmaker

  • Greg Reid
    Bestselling Author

We created this gathering especially for YOU! You’ve had a sneaking suspicion you are different.  If you look at your life compared to everyone around you, how you’ve lived it would back up YOUR suspicion.

You’re hungry for progress.  You thirst for knowledge.  You ache for excellence.  You’ve been in growth mode.  And growing you’ve been.  You’re getting a glimpse of the top  And it’s looking lonely up there.

Come meet and learn from the creator himself – Greg S. Reid, Bestselling Author. Acclaimed Speaker. Filmmaker

If you’ve got a mission, this event for YOU!

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Keynote 4 – Dr. Richmond McCoy, President & CEO at UrbanAmerica, LLC

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

RAISING BUSINESS CAPITAL: The 7 Easy Steps to Raise Money for any Business

  • Dr. Richmond McCoy
    UrbanAmerica, LLC

Dr. Richmond McCoy, President & CEO at UrbanAmerica, LLC

Key teaching points include:

  • 1. The process of Identifying, securing and to leverage relational currency on your way to raising capital
  • 2. The significance and process of qualifying investors
  • 3. How to create a stellar management team that will attract Capital
  • 4. The importance of articulating a through and compelling exit scenario for your potential investors
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