Vice President, Business Initiative Corporation of New York

During her career in banking and lending, Madeline Marquez has been a skilled and aggressive advocate for business, helping entrepreneurs and fledgling companies, as well as non-profits, gain access to private and public funding. Through her work at organizations like the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation, the Community Coalition for Fair Banking, The Private Industry Council and Chemical Bank, she has helped fuel the growth of numerous businesses and organizations throughout New York City.  Ms. Marquez is a graduate of The College at Old Westbury and for the past fifteen years, Bronx businesses have been the beneficiaries of Madeline’s expertise in identifying and securing financing.

She has served as the Executive Director of the Bronx Initiative Corporation since its inception, helping to establish the first lending institution designated by the U.S. Small Business Administration specifically to serve Bronx businesses.  When the US SBA made all Certified Development Companies state wide entities, it allowed BIC to expand to the outer boroughs and all the New York State Counties.  As of January 2007 BIC changed its name to the Business Initiative Corporation of New York and as of October 2012 Madeline was promoted to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of BIC.

Madeline and BIC were featured in Crain’s Magazine Small Business section in an article entitled “Tiny Bronx lender has big impact” and in the Mount Vernon Today September 2011 issue “Funding Your Growing Business: A Bronx Plan”.  BIC has provided $40 million in loans to businesses in The Bronx and throughout New York State which helped leverage over $114 million from banks and private equity investments.  As of September 2012, these loans have retained and created 2,812 jobs.

In November 2011, Madeline received the “New York Women of Excellence Award in Business” from the NY Women’s Chamber of Commerce, in March 2012 received the “Visionary Award” from the NYC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, in June 2012 was named One of the “25 Influential Women of The Bronx” and in December 2012 received the “Business Development Award” from the NYC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

In the past three years BIC has also received the “Bronze Award” from the US SBA New York District Office.

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