Executive Deputy Commissioner, Human Resource Administration’s Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access

Marjorie A. Cadogan is Executive Deputy Commissioner of the Human Resource Administration’s Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access (OCHIA). OCHIA works to connect New York City residents and small business owners to coverage and care.  Using its web tool, NYC Health Insurance Link (www.nyc.gov/hilink) that allows small businesses and individuals  to compare costs and benefits of private health insurance plans, screen themselves for public health insurance, and stay updated on health care reform and, in collaboration with a broad network of partners, OCHIA delivers outreach, education and training on public and private health insurance.  OCHIA also conducts policy research and analysis to inform its efforts and help improve access to coverage for all New Yorkers.

Prior to her current position, Ms. Cadogan worked at the Primary Care Development Corporation and served in a variety of legal positions at the NYC Law Department,  NYC Loft Board and  NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.  A Bronx native, Ms. Cadogan graduated magna cum laude from Fordham University and received her law degree from Fordham University School of Law.

She was a past president of the Association of Black Women Attorneys, from 1998-2004 she served on the Board of Directors of the New York Women’s Foundation, and has been a member of Board of the Public Health Association of New York City.  Ms. Cadogan also serves as a member of  the Advisory Panel for Outreach and Education for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services,  the Community Advisory Council for the New York State Health Foundation, the Herman Biggs Society and the New York Academy of Medicine’s Section on Health Care Delivery.

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What Every Small Business Owner & Employee Needs to Know About Healthcare Reform

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