So much has changed in the world of marketing.  With unlimited choices, where do you begin?  How do you allocate your budget?  How do you track and measure success? Do you chase the trends, rely on the tried and true or a mix of both?  This session will take business owners through a step-by-step process to lay a solid foundation for creating a strategic marketing plan that will help differentiate your brand, reach your clients and prospects and create ROI.  Each seminar attendee will receive a workbook they can complete during the session and bring back to the office to refine and implement.

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Jessica Lyon, Senior Vice President, Co-Communications

Jessica’s background in news serves her well as a PR professional.  She works with each client to showcase their uniqueness in creative ways that stand out.  As Senior Vice President at Co…..


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12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Room #5 – Marketing & Advertising
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