Small Business Consultant, Speaker, Author

Nancy Michaels is America’s most sought-after Consultant to America’s Fortune 500 Companies.  As the liaison between big business and small business owners, Nancy is a successful small business owner herself for more than two decades, a single mother of three children (two adopted, and one biological son with special needs), and a consummate survivor.  She experienced a liver transplant in 2005, was the topic of the Mortality and Morbidity Conference in 2005, lost custody of her three children, only to fight for them once again.  During these trying times, she personally lost everything, and regained it within a few short years. 

Her story of survival brings encouragement, faith and hope to her audiences – along with great content and action steps designed to inspire audiences and bring them to action in their own lives – regardless of the situation.  Nancy’s message is of extreme relevance and provides attendees with substantial thoughts to ponder in their own lives to make the positive changes they need.

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Off the Wall Marketing: Ideas for Creatively Marketing Yourself and Business on a Shoestring

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Room #5 – Marketing & Advertising II

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