Are you serious about earning more money, or do you want to complain about having a lack of it? Do you want to be recognized as someone that has prestige? Do you want to accomplish your goals faster and go farther in life? You are aware that you can go farther in life and earn more money by becoming a better negotiator, right.  You’re always negotiating, so decide right now that you’re going to get better at it!

In this fast pace, fun-filled, and exciting presentation, Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert, will give you new negotiation and reading body language tools that you’ll be able to use instantly. By acquiring new skills, you’ll increase your awareness when it comes to negotiating and you’ll be able to earn more money. Greg will also infuse you with the ability to decipher someone’s body language to gain insight into his or her ‘real’ intentions. (You can use this skill in business and your personal life).

In this presentation, you’ll discover how to:

  • Gather background information prior to negotiating
  • Determine needs and wants of everyone involved in the negotiation
  • Develop a winning strategy to enhance the probability of getting what you want
  • How to detect when someone is lying
  • End a negotiation to insure everyone abides by the outcome
  • Use Micro Expression to confirm your perception of someone’s body language …
  • and a whole lot more !!!

In order to advance farther and faster in life, you must be able to negotiate and do it well. To enhance the negotiation process, you must also be able to read body language. Attend this presentation and you’ll be well on your way to earning more money and accomplishing more of your life’s goals.

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Williams, Greg WebsiteGreg Williams, The Master Negotiator/Body Language Expert

Greg is a Fox TV News Contributor and an internationally known and sought after speaker, that has the genuine concern of others at the core of his business. He is known as “The Master Negotiator & Body…..


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10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Room #1 – Sales Strategies
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