CEO & Founder, Swap The Biz


Hi, my name is Scott Eisenberg and I am the Founder and CEO of Swap The Biz. I originally got involved in hosting events when I was in law school in 1996 as a nightlife promoter in NYC and the Hamptons. I had gone to a lot of events but I always thought I could do better and so I did. I have hosted hundreds of successful events over the years. In 2003 I got married and opened up a law firm and started a family soon thereafter and I had stopped hosting the events. I always knew I wanted to get back involved in nightlife and I just was not sure where.

So I attended a couple of networking events in 2010 and I immediately knew this was my road back to follow my passion and what I excelled at (I also thought I could again do it better). I also knew I could make networking fun!!! So I put together a social business hybrid event where the attendees are there to have a great time first and focus on building great social relationships. This allows people to become friends and build a stronger relationship foundation, which ultimately results in business. People love my events because everybody there is there for the right reasons and with the right attitude and outlook. I really love it because it is rewarding to connect people and help them in business and in life. The events take place at very cool venues with appetizers and cocktails, what could be more fun? We also often have amazing guest speakers, free raffles and gift bags from our sponsors. I now have 4 kids, a wonderful and supportive wife and a career path where I am rewarded emotionally as well. So if you have not attended one of our events yet please get involved, so I can help you achieve the successes that you are looking for.

Presentation Info

Networking Secrets – The Social Approach Revealed

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Room #5 – Target Marketing Track