By: Gaby Piazza

When trying to sell on social media, there are small businesses that post content about themselves with absolutely no rise from their audience. Then, there are those who understand how to sell their products without actually selling anything. Here are some tips to help your content strategy for sales:

Please stop talking about yourself. It’’s quite annoying.

Lets face it: We all like to talk about ourselves. When it comes to social media and trying to market your business, talking solely about yourself is the number one no-no. Imagine having a conversation with someone and all they do is talk about how amazing they are. They brag about their new outfit, hair, and shoes and then continue on their merry way. Annoying, right?

On social media, it is important to discuss topics with your audience they actually care about. If you own a dental practice, you don’t want to always show pictures of the gorgeous crowns you did because no one will care. Instead, you want to discuss topics that will make you an expert in the space and allow your audience to ask questions. This way, you have the opportunity to showcase the extensive knowledge you have and how it relates to your followers. If and when they are looking for a new dentist, they will now think about YOU first because you’’re the smartest dentist in the social media land.

If you build it, they will come.

It’’s important to establish yourself in social media as the antithesis of a salesperson. Know your product and know your brand. Engage with your social media audience consistently and provide your followers with value,— whether that means knowledge, a smile, or a discount. Once you have the trust of your fans and consumers, they won’’t be let down when you have a product promotion. Instead, they will jump at the opportunity to participate in winning a dozen roses from your florist shop or a box of gourmet chocolates from your candy store.

Pass the microphone to your fans!

It’’s time for your social audience to step into the spotlight. Once again, we all love to talk about ourselves, so use this to gain insight from your potential consumers. Poll your audience about your different products and services. Ask them for their opinion! If you own a coffee shop, use Facebook to ask which of your seasonal specialties are crowd favorites. Essentially, you can use this technique to tap into your audience’’s favorite offerings of yours. In turn, you can start promoting the product above the rest in fun, non-sales-like ways.

Now, it’s your turn! Remember: Engage your fans and be yourself on social.