Congratulations on being chosen to speak at the 2016 New York Business Expo & Conference on November 10th 2016, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (Hall 1E).  Here you will find important information regarding your speaking engagement.

*Please fill out the form below so that we can ensure we have updated information for you (contact info, presentation info, etc.) that is necessary for our AV staff. This is also where you can request staff passes for anyone who will need a badge at the expo (this is for speaker staff only – if you are an exhibitor/sponsor you will receive info on how to enter your exhibitor badges).

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on November 10th!

Important Info

COMPUTERS:  Event Management DOES NOT provide laptops! If you will be doing a PowerPoint presentation or using a computer in any way for your seminar, you will need to bring your own (in order to connect your computer to the projector you must have an HDMI or VGA connection – if you do not you will need an adaptor) & if you are using a MAC, you will need a MAC adaptor.

WIFI: The Javits Center has been fitted with a high-density wireless Internet access system. This service includes FREE wireless Internet access up to 256K of bandwidth. The free WiFi service has been optimized for light business uses such as simple web browsing and e-mail. Video streaming and other high bandwidth needs will be better served by other Internet services available at the Javits Center.
Paid internet access options with higher bandwidth are available for single or multi-day use. This high density wireless service can be accessed by any wireless capable device from any location throughout the facility.

BADGES:  As a speaker, you will already be in our system for a badge and you can pick it up at the Speaker Check-In counter of the registration area.  If you have any staff that will be traveling with you, please add their info in the form below so that I can ensure they will have a badge as well.

HOTEL:  We have a discounted hotel rate with the Skyline Hotel – please visit the link below for more info.

AUDIO VISUAL/FURNITURE:  Event Management will provide the following audio visual equipment/furniture in each seminar room

  • Theater seating for attendees
  • Podium + attached microphone
  • Staging with 6’ head table at the front of the room
  • Wired lavaliere microphone [Lapel Mic]
  • Wireless presentation remote [PowerPoint Slide Advancer]
  • Projection screen with projector
  • Again, we do NOT provide laptops, you must bring your own along with the appropriate adaptors if needed

Speaker Form

Please complete the below form as it will provide us with important info (contact info, presentation info, promotional info, etc.) so that we can make this process as seamless as possible for you.

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