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Make no mistake, starting and running a small business is a challenge. Here at Small Business Trends we assemble news and information information daily from our most trusted sources giving you more information to do it right.


Looking for financing for your small business? It’s an often asked question and, not surprisingly, you’ll find many answers to it everywhere you look. Gurus, in fact, have made substantial money talking to people on the subject, but, in the end, perhaps your local accountant has the best and simplest advice of all. The Willits News

Why Small Businesses Aren’t Creating Jobs. Blame for why small businesses aren’t creating jobs will probably again be placed on banks that won’t lend and businesses that are hoarding cash as the President and most of Washington try to explain away high unemployment. This article goes more in depth to look at these claims examining the assets and liabilities of small businesses and their debt to eguity ratio. You might be surprised at the findings. Business Insider


Can small business benefit from business intelligence software? Business intelligence is nothing more than simply looking at and analyzing data so as to make better business decisions. In the past mostly larger businesses used complex programs to gather business intelligence. Today it is becoming economically feasible and can be developed for smaller businesses to help them compete with larger businesses. Each small business must evaluate their needs and weigh the ROI.

How do you get your updates noticed by your Facebook fans? We’re told that 90% of the people who click your Facebook fan page don’t come back. They look in their own Facebook news feeds for your content. In a video, seven ways are explained that will help you get noticed using FB news feed optimization. Social Media Examiner


Small business is focus of tax cuts. Reducing payroll taxes for employers to encourage hiring of additional employees may be a blend of policy and politics. It will certainly appeal to most small business owners enticing them to consider hiring. Many of these small business owners just happen to be independent voters, a group whose support the President desperately needs in his reelection bid. WSJ

Growth engines: ten ideas to help small businesses create more jobs. The SBA states that small businesses (under 500 employees) have created 2 out of every 3 net jobs over the past 15 years. If one out of three very small businesses (4 employees or less) added one employee we would be at full employment. How do we accomplish this?  The article emphasizes creating more customers, increasing competition, reducing costs, and increasing fair, affordable credit. Suggestions are presented on how to accomplish these ideas. Policy Shop

Walden, Wyden react to Obama jobs plan. The President in his speech to the Congress talked about the need to review the rules and regulations that hamper small businesses and to make sure they were necessary and “common sense”. This doesn’t require Congressional action. Yet, as he spoke, there were over four thousand new regulations aimed at job creators. One estimate states that the cost of regulations to U.S. businesses amounts to about 1.75 trillion dollars. What would happen to job creation for small businesses if needless regulations were eliminated. Other pro-small business government actions could further job creation for small businesses.


Business knowledge “holding back small construction firms.” Just because you are a knowledgeable person when it comes to construction doesn’t necessarily mean you will be successful in running a small construction business. It takes a completely different approach and a different way of looking at your business. You must understand how to start and how to plan and organize. Understanding finance, purchasing, employment management and production are necessities. You are no longer a builder but rather a small business manager. There are several good construction software packages available to guide you. Construction Industry News

Facebook Geotracking draws 500,000 fans for small biz. How do you know Facebook marketing is working? Site traffic grows. Sales increase. In the case of Alex Morrissey of, he found out when he invited 200 people to a launch party and 1,000 showed up. Morrissey is becoming the Mark Zuckerberg of Jamaica. Find out more about him and how he built his business. Social Media Examiner

Controlling information. How much information do you control and how much do you share with your people. It can be an important consideration in today’s small business environment where too much information could distract employees causing them to worry about things that are none of their business while too little could fuel rumors and destroy morale. So what is the proper mix when it comes to sharing information with employees? You’re the Boss