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Frequently Asked Questions

Online registration for the New York Business Expo & Conference will open in the beginning of September.
You will have the option to add seminars to your itinerary during the registration process. Seating is NOT guaranteed and is on a first-come first -serve basis.
The normal admission price is $30 however we offer advanced pricing discounts and exclusive “Social Share Passes” offering free admission.
Click on the Social Share Pass above and you will be asked to share a posting about the New York Business Expo on either your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. Once you share the content, the page will unlock, revealing a promo code for FREE admission.
When you complete registration you will receive a confirmation email with a PDF version of your “ticket” attached. You will need to print your ticket and bring it with you to the New York Expo. Your ticket will be scanned at the registration counter and your badge will be printed on-site.
You will gain entrance to the show floor, access to all show floor features and admission to any seminars and/or keynotes.
Reasonable Modifications and Equal Access to Communications are provided upon request. Please call 866.443.8368 or email 1 month prior to the event if you need additional information at [email protected].

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