Founder and Principal, Right Click Advantage and Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert

At Right Click Advantage LLC, we place the power of technology into the hands of impassioned Entrepreneurs. It is our emphatic belief that technology exists to serve us; to make our days more productive and achieve our goals faster; it is our relentless mission to provide our business clients with personal attention, patient guidance and encouragement to attain their technology goals.

It is our emphatic belief that computers exists to make our lives more productive and help us achieve success; it is our relentless mission to eradicate technology-related fear and anxiety and provide today’s business visionary with technical expertise they can embrace.

Based in East Hanover, NJ, Susana is the Founder and Principle of Right Click Advantage LLC and a Constant Contact Solutions Provider. Her background spans 20 years of corporate systems work, specializing in Project Management and Customer Support. Susana has served on the Board of the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce, the Morris Chapter of the NJ Association of Women Business Owners (currently Chapter President), and the First Presbyterian Church of Hanover.


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Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media – Marketing Strategies Workshop

9:30  AM – 11:00 AM

Room #9 – Get2Modern: Digital Marketing

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