By: Adrian Miller, Adrian Miller Sales Training,

Top sales reps come in all shapes and sizes. Some are outgoing, and others are more soft-spoken. They can be either male or female and any ethnicity or age. That being said, they all share a list of characteristics that drive them to excel in their profession.

They Do Their Homework

Top sales reps never underestimate the value of pre-call planning. They’ve researched their prospect’s company, can talk the lingo, and always know the decision-makers before they try to sell.

They Don’t Waste Time

Top sales reps quickly learn the decision-making hierarchy so that they don’t waste time on folks who are neither decision-makers nor influencers. By strategically scoping out who is actually calling the shots, they minimize their frustrations and maximize their time.

They’re Goal-Oriented and Self-Motivated

Top sales reps don’t need others to give them pep talks. They’re passionate about what they’re selling and establish far-reaching goals which they achieve. They understand that the early bird catches the worm, and they’re always the early bird.

They Are Optimistic

Top sales reps don’t get too worked up about dips in the economy, industry slowdowns, or other challenging situations that some sales reps use as excuses for their lack of success. Instead, they look to the bright side of things, have faith in their own ability, and find that they’re still making sales when others aren’t.

They’re Confident

Top sales reps know what they’re doing and quietly acknowledge that they do it really well. They exude a confidence that is never construed as arrogance. Instead, it’s a trait that others gravitate towards. They attract others because of their positive energy, their ability to get things done, and their lack of self doubt.

They Are Competitive

Top sales reps understand that they aren’t the only individuals on the playing field. There are others, and it’s their job to be better than them if they’re going to win the sale. Having that competitive edge keeps them one step ahead and always on their game.

They are Willing to Take Risks

Top sales people don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for others to take chances. If they see opportunity, they seize it. They realize that there’s no reward without risk, and mistakes are only lessons to be learned.

They Work Harder

Top sales reps aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard. They know that if they want something done, they shouldn’t just rely on others. They get it done themselves. They’re hands-on, resourceful, and energetic in a way that inspires others.

They over Deliver

Top sales reps are never happy with providing the bare minimum. They want their customers to be blown away with their efforts. They understand that loyalty is created in all of the attention to detail and little extras that they provide.

They Are Adaptable

Top sales reps know that flexibility is a big component to their success. They’re open to learning new technologies, selling techniques, and processes. They’ll work with a new management team or adjust their selling style to fit the particular demands of a customer. Others perceive them as early adopters and look to them as the individuals who are leading the way.