Urban Business Agenda


What is the Urban Business Agenda?

This year the New York Business Expo is hosting the Urban Business Agenda produced and created by Soul City.  The Urban Business Agenda will be the first time that a large expo dedicated to business development will have a focus on the trillion dollar urban market. The focus of SoulCity is to bring solutions, resources and forums that are important to the urban community for economic empowerment. This years event will focus on a couple of keynote speakers and a panel discussion on urban businesses, solutions and necessary resources. The keynote speaker will be Jana B. Woodhouse who is ranked in the top 1% of financial advisors in the country and has the legendary status and distinction of being the First Black Woman on Wall Street. Her expertise in investing, banking, insurance and taxes spans over 33 years. Other keynote panelist will also be on hand to help deliver the message.

The UBA will make a splash and become a major force in economic empowerment within the Urban Community. Look for more information within the upcoming weeks. A series of networking events and $100,000 business grant in our Business competition.

Look for more info and updates to follow in the upcoming weeks.

Urban Business Agenda Schedule

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How to Register

You will need to register for the New York Business Expo & Conference via the button below.  During your registration you will have the option to add seminars to your itinerary – you will see each of the Urban Business Agenda sessions listed by time and can sign up for them there.

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