Off the wall Marketing Ideas is a gold mine of valuable, no-cost to low-cost marketing secrets.  In no time at all you will be creating your own make-or-break marketing techniques for business success on a shoestring budget.  Hundreds of ideas have been culled from small business owners from all walks of life.  You will also find inspiring examples of what now-famous big business leaders did when they were small and unknown―Estee Lauder, The Hair Replacement Specialist, Sy Sperling and the rent-a-car wiz, Warren Avis!

In her presentations, Nancy teaches new and innovative methods to market yourself:

  • Creating “conversation piece” business cards and name-tags
  • Hanging election banners―even if you’re not in politics
  • Mailing inflatable globes, rubber duckies, show boxes, and plastic fish
  • Designing humorous menus
  • And much, much more!

In addition to delivering case studies and real-life examples, Nancy also teaches valuable business lessons every entrepreneur needs to know:

  • Why spending a fortune doesn’t guarantee a fortune in return
  • Understanding why exuding abundance attracts the same
  • Knowing the creative ways in which individuals stand out among the competition is something to be observed and implemented in your own business


Speaker Info

Nancy Michaels, Small Business Consultant, Speaker, Author

Nancy Michaels is America’s most sought-after Consultant to America’s Fortune 500 Companies.  As the liaison between big business and small business owners, Nancy is a successful small business….