Area Director – Northeastern United States, Constant Contact

Wendi is a marketing expert with over 25 years experience developing and implementing marketing strategies for businesses and organizations spanning a variety of industries. In her role at Constant Contact, Wendi uses her expertise to provide coaching for small businesses and organizations on best practices of email and social media marketing. Additionally, she creates powerful business alliances and initiatives throughout New York and New Jersey to help empower Constant Contact customers and its partners. She also manages a field team of Regional Development Directors and Authorized Local Experts through-out the Northeastern USA.

Wendi is a popular speaker and educator. She delivers real-world tools and strategies that drive stellar results immediately! And although the topics and strategies may be cutting edge, it doesn’t take an interactive guru to “get it.” Wendi simplifies the information and provides essential basics, secrets, and shortcuts that make it easy for seminar attendees to get on their way fast. Wendi gives her groups the “Know How” to boost business, awareness, and customer loyalty.

Presentation Info

Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media – Marketing Strategies Workshop

9:30  AM – 11:00 AM

Room #9 – Get2Modern: Digital Marketing

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