One size doesn’t fit all, when it comes to your online marketing strategy, plan and delivery. What should be unified is your visual brand and messaging, which represents who you are, what you do and how you help people and solve their problems. Your online and content marketing activities and tactics should be customized for the media platforms you regularly use. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogging and eMarketing all have their own best practices and usage. During this panel we will explore why it’s important to customize your content for the media’s you use and which ones are best used in tandem and how to make them work the best together so they complement each other and give you the best impact and reach.

We will discuss:

  • The importance of knowing who your audience, community and clients really are
  • Best approaches and content that works on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (demos and psychographics)
  • How to use your blog and eMarketing to focus on the areas you want to be known for

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Moderator Info

Deborah Shane, Career Author, Professional Branding Catalyst, Content/Social Media Strategist, Media Host, Speaker

Deborah Shane was named a Top 100 Small Business Champion for 2012 and Top 100 Small Business Podcast 2013 by SmallBizTrends.com! She is the Author of Career Transition-make the shift, a……


Panelist Info

Anita Campbell, Founder & CEO, Small Business Trends

Anita Campbell is the founder and CEO of Small Business Trends, an online publication bringing daily news, tips and advice to an audience of 6 million small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs…..


Brian Moran, Founder & CEO, Brian Moran & Associates

As the Founder & CEO of Brian Moran & Associates, Brian is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to run better businesses. Brian is leveraging his 20+ years of experience in publishing magazines for business….


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Seminar Info
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Room #3 – Marketing & Advertising I