Whether you are self funded or seeking outside financing, a business plan is a tool for you to explore alternative paths to achieving your goals.  This session will delineate the key questions you need to address and identify sources and resources for your investigation.  Developing a plan increases your knowledge, skills and your comfort level when you open the doors to your new business.

Questions include:

  • Why do I need a business plan?
  • What are the key elements in a plan?
  • How do I identify those people most likely to become my customers?
  • Can my accountant do this since I hate numbers?
  • What resources are available to assist me?

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Speaker Info

Katz, Judy WebsiteJudy Katz, SCORE Mentor

Judith Katz is a consultant, SCORE Mentor and adjunct professor at SUNY, where she teaches Fasttrac New Venture and Growth Venture.  She has held senior planning, strategy and financial roles at…..


Seminar Info
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Room #4 – Startup & Entrepreneurship